Eu vejo você brilhando

Inspiration. Where does it come from? The word itself has become a cliché, but we're pretty sure its a real thing. I was fortunate to volunteer during the Breakout West Conference & Festival in September. There were hundreds of musicians on display those 3 days. Many little-knowns, many unknowns. But on a given evening at a given time at one of the 15 different venues, each of those musicians took the stage. It was only a 40 minute set, but the impromptu green rooms were seized at the earliest opportunity. Each artist took the stage with class and professionalism. It didn't matter that, with patrons spread across so many events, that they maybe had only a dozen in their audience. They were clearly giving their best performance as if the room was packed out. And the energy wasn't gone upon leaving the stage. They mingled with fans, family, and fellow musicians alike, still in the moment, doing the thing they love best.

I don't think it's because of a groundswell of support that these musicians carried themselves as they did. It wasn't out of a sense of duty to the hours and years spent learning and honing their craft. It wasn't even for money or fanfare. I'd call it inspiration.

I know a bit about that myself. I was never pushed into the business of record manufacturing. I wasn't fulfilling an oath, or responding to people who "believed in me." I came to it for the sheer thrill of the product and making a mark; I've stuck with it in spite of many who don't believe.

So ya, keep glowing. It was coming from within all along.

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